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You will find unique products with patented allisure® extract; the only really effective allicin.

Allicin is the active ingredient from garlic with its many health-promoting properties.

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  • AllicinMax™ 90 capsules National 'Best Supplement Award 2018'
    AllicinMax™ 90 capsules National 'Best Supplement Award 2018'

    Just one capsule of AllicinMax™ taken each day with a little cold liquid your main meal will provide enough allicin for your general health and well being.

    If you feel a cold coming on or are suffering from a known infection…

    € 39,78
  • Heartfast™ 60 capsules
    Heartfast™ 60 capsules

    Heartfast™ is a combination of stabilized allicin, omega 3 and 6 (flaxseed), L-arginine and cayenne pepper.

    It is able to improve the quality of your circulating blood and reduce the stress on your heart.

    € 39,65
  • Lesterol® 90 capsules
    Lesterol® 90 capsules

    Lesterol® contains beta-sitosterol and stabilized Allicin.

    ∙ Help to maintain normal choleserol levels
    ∙ Immune system support (especially during stress)
    ∙ Relieves allergies
    ∙ Reduces cancer risk (prostate, breast,…

    € 34,17
  • Allimed® 100 capsules
    Allimed® 100 capsules

    Capsules with 100% allisure®allicin

    1 capsule contains 450mg

    Orders only via website www. with reason for intake

    € 69,92
  • Prepro™ 60 capsules
    Prepro™ 60 capsules

    Prepro™ powered capsules contain;

    ∙ 200mg of Allisure®Allicin
    ∙ 175mg Protexin (5 strain bacteria)
    ∙ 75 mg Lipase digestive enzyme.

    Prepro™ contains the following bacteria species:

    ∙ Lactobacillus Plantarum

    € 34,29
  • AllicinMax™ cream 50ml
    AllicinMax™ cream 50ml

    AllicinMax cream ™ can be used daily as a moisturizing cream.


    aqua, cetyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate SE, allicin liquid, isopropyl, myristate, allantoin, phenoxetanol, ethylexyglycerin, brassica campestris…

    € 29,95
  • Alliderm™ gel 30ml
    Alliderm™ gel 30ml

    Alliderm™ gel is for topical application (skin surface) and a soothing and beneficial way of delivering allicin to where it is needed most.

    The gel has a very pleasant aroma and is not at all sticky or messy.

    Alliderm™ gel…

    € 25,38
  • Allimed® liquid 250ml
    Allimed® liquid 250ml

    The strongest stabilised allicin, made with 100% allisure®allicin

    Very high concentrated

    For many purposes

    Use it both internally and externally

    Contains: aqua and allicin liquidum

    Store in fridge

    Free drop bottle


    € 79,83
  • Allimed® spray 30ml
    Allimed® spray 30ml

    Made with 100% allisure®allicin

    Ingredients: water and allicin liquid

    Free from artificial, flavours, wheat, soy, dairy, gluten, nuts and preservatives

    Store in fridge

    € 29,79
  • Allipets 30 capsules
    Allipets 30 capsules

    Natural Health for dogs, cats and other animals

    ∙ Antibacterial
    ∙ Antiparasitarian
    ∙ Anti-inflammatory
    ∙ Antiworm
    ∙ Support the immune system
    ∙ For healthy intestines
    ∙ For purification of the blood

    € 17,79

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